Get Paid to Drive!

If your car is in good condition and you're a daily commuter, Adz in Motion wants to put money in your pocket!  By participating in our car wrap advertisement program, you'll get paid to drive your sponsored car!  There's truly never been an easier way to make money.

How does it Work?

Your participation in the Adz in Motion program is broken down into 5 easy steps:

  1. Free registration
  2. Appointment and Installation
  3. Drive!
  4. Car wrap ad removal
  5. Payment and close of contract

1. Free registration

If you are 17 years old, own a vehicle in good condition; commute daily, and simply love to drive, come and join Adz in Motion's team of drivers and get paid to advertise on your car.

The first step is to fill out our online registration form. Your honest answers enable us to make our vehicle selections depending on our clients' requirements. The more your information is complete and accurate, the more you have a chance to be selected as one of our drivers.

Rest assured that all of your personal information is kept in strict confidentiality and is never shared with a third party.

2. Appointment and installation

For each campaign, we select a fleet of cars that best fit the requirements of our partners.

After your application is confirmed, you will be contacted by email when you are selected for a campaign. This email will include the following information:

  • Campaign type and length
  • Format of ad
  • Proposed appointment dates and locations
  • Payment

3. Drive!

Once your stickers are installed, you don't have to do anything different than you would normally do as a commuter: simply drive as you would normally to and from work, to visit friends, to buy groceries—that's it!  You get paid to advertise just by doing what you would normally

4. Car wrap ad removal

Once your contract is up, stop by the location of your original appointment for removal of the car wrap advertisements.  We'll professionally remove our stick-on ads with absolutely no damage to your vehicle.  At this stage, your contract will expire, though you may have the option to extend it with a new campaign!

5. Payment

Depending on the ad format and the campaign requirements, your payment can be anywhere between $70 and $500 per month, giving you a great way to make or save money each month.  Your payment will be made via check or wire transfer within 30 days of removing the ads.